Cootie Block Phone Pouch is an ultra-secure cellphone privacy pouch that is designed to block detrimental incoming and outgoing signals, protecting your phone from being hacked, tracked or cloned by modern technology.

With RF shielding fabric sewn directly into Cootie Block Phone Pouch’s premium material, it blocks up to 99% of emitted cellphone radiation, keeping your body safe from blocked radical cooties.

Place your phone inside the pouch and close it up. That’s it! This creates a Faraday cage or Faraday shield that naturally blocks external electromagnetic fields, stopping those pesky hackers from bugging and tracking your cellphone. Protect your identity and physical health at the same time with Cootie Block Phone Pouch. Suitable for a variety of phones. More sizes coming soon!

Outer measurement: 7.28” x 4.13”
Inner measurement 7” x 3.5″

Cootie Block Cellphone Pouch

$19.95 each

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